The staff of Lender Direct possesses a wealth of knowledge, skill and most importantly, access to funding to complete transactions. A relationship with Lender Direct can prove very valuable especially to inexperienced or residential mortgage brokers who do not see this type of business on a regular basis. We encourage relationship building and the majority of our business is from repeat clients and referral sources. We will provide any level of assistance necessary to help insure a seamless process from start to finish.

Our Senior Staff

Richard Lewis | President & C.E.O | Mortgage Broker No. M08000321

Richard is a graduate of York University and has over 25 years of experience in privately funded and institutional mortgages. Unique and difficult transactions are Richard’s niche business. In addition, all transactions are closely monitored by Richard to ensure that all necessary resources are devoted to the satisfactory completion of each file. As the licensed Broker, Richard also attends to the regulatory and licensing issues of the ompany to ensure full compliance with related legislation.



Mark Lapedus, No. M8008925

Mark has a legal degree and twelve years experience as a real estate lawyer. For approximately the last 20 years Mark has been exclusively involved in arranging mortgage funding of all types. Mark has a wide range of lender clients both private and institutional which he utilizes to ensure that the loan request is dealt with expeditiously and professionally.



Pat Lalonde 

With 20 years as a law clerk performing title searches and closing real estate deals, Pat brings a wealth of experience not commonly found in most mortgage agents. Whether you are looking for a first, second or third mortgage, you will find Pat Lalonde's passion for her business and straightforward open approach very reassuring. Her mission to find the perfect residential mortgage fit for her clients, especially those in challenging circumstances, started with her roots in banking. All too often she saw good people being turned down by traditional banks simply because they couldn't fit the right qualification 'box' the banks created. Pat became a mortgage agent so that she could help these deserving people. In fact, Pat loves it when someone comes to her and says that the bank turned them down for a mortgage. She takes great pleasure in finding them the ideal solution that fits their financial needs.



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